Motorcross at the Fair!

Saturday, June 29th, 2024

Gates Open & Registration
Available at 7:00 AM
Practice at 9:00 AM
Races to Follow


  • Open A
  • 250 A
  • Open B
  • 250 B
  • Open C
  • 250 C
  • 25+
  • 30+
  • 40+
  • Women’s 12yrs+
  • 85SR TROPHY 12-15yrs
  • 85SR TROPHY 9-11yrs
  • 65SR TROPHY 10-11th
  • 65SJR TROPHY 7-9yrs
  • 50SR TROPHY 7-8yrs
  • 50JR TROPHY 4-6yrs
  • All contestants must sign a wavier. A parent must sign for any contestant under 18 years of age.
  • The Jefferson County Fair is not responsible for any injuries or medical bills as a result of being a contestant in this race.
  • The Jefferson County Fair Board has the right to alter the class that a contestant is placed in based on their ability and experience.
  • Jefferson County Fair Board has the right to cancel a class if there is only one entry.
  • No tolerance for riders consuming ALCOHOL and/or ILLEGAL DRUGS.
  • No fighting.
  • No rough riding in the pits.
  • All contestants must wear a helmet.
  • All decisions made by the Jefferson County Fair Board are final.
  • All Contestants must have legible numbers on their bikes.
  • Machines may be used in multiple classes by the same rider provided that both rider and bike meet the requirements of the class.
  • Any verbal harassment, physical abuse, including social media will be grounds for penalty, fine, suspension or permanent disqualification.
  • Rider is responsible for the action of their pit members in his/her pit. If pit member verbally harasses or physically abuses any officials, the rider could be penalized or permanently disqualification.
For more information contact:

Tanner Deao 641-233-8513 or
Matthew Noel 641-799-7784